• This is my multimedia design portfolio. It contains professional client work as well as personal experimental work. My work mainly involves mobile app development, motion graphics, and web/interactive design. I’m working with 3D character animation as well as stereoscopic projection. I’ve also done design for print as well as creative works of other types in …

  • Pixobot Logo

    This is a logo design for Pixobot, LLC.  The company focuses on photography and robotics.

  • GrowIt-KnowIt

    Where do hot dogs come from? How about milk? Hamburgers? Eggs? Most youngsters likely will say the grocery store. Of course, the real answer is much more fascinating, and “We Grow It, Do You Know It” is a lively free app that gives kids their first lessons in how agriculture produces the things they love …

  • Game Character

    This is a character I designed in Lightwave 3D for use in an educational mobile game app.